QTableView performance degredation with lots of items

  • Hey All,

    I searched a little online, but haven’t found a definitive answer for this problem. Pretty much i have a database that is being appended with 100 items/s roughly. (1 item at a time). I'm querying the DB and loading those items into a QSqlModel and QSortFilterProxyModel then displaying in a QTableView. It'll update nice and snappy up to about 4000 items, after that the refresh rate is begging to slow down quite a bit. They querying speeds are fine, I'm printing out a debug line with rowcount of the model which never slows down, so i believe the problem is with displaying.

    Some suggestions i have tried have been swapping it out for a QTreeView with fixed row height which actually turned out to be slower.

    I set tableview->resizeRowtoContents(0) which seemed to help a little.

    Aside from that i haven’t found much of anything that dramatically improves performance.

    I was also thinking that i could hide the majority of the rows till i scroll down then it'll fetch more, but you can only hide one row at a time and this might degrade performance further if i'm constantly looping to hide rows 100 times a second.

    I feel like there is a simpler solution though. 5000 items is arguably not that much. Please let me know if y'all have any ideas.

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