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[SOLVED]Editable combobox that behaves more like a lineedit

  • Hi,
    I've made a form with a lineedit that usually ends up containing one of only a handful of possible values. What would be ideal is a free-form lineedit but with a dropdown for quickly filling it with one of the common strings if needed. I've experimented with an editable QComboBox which is almost right, except I don't want the drop-down items themselves be editable. The items should be read-only (something like the drop-down suggestions in a browser's URL field).
    Also, it needs to play nice with QDataWidgetMapper in the sense that it can read and write QString values (i.e. just like a QLineEdit), rather than ints (i.e. the combobox's current index).
    I have a separate QComboBox in the form that interfaces with the model through QDataWidgetMapper using the following code:
    @mapper->addMapping(comboBox, 0, "currentIndex");@

    This is OK because the corresponding section in the model is an integer type. QComboBox does have a "currentText" property, unfortunately it's only read-only.

    Is there any way around this other than writing a new QLineEdit subclass?

  • Would a line edit with a "QCompleter": work? That is more like a browser address line

  • That's just what I was after, thanks!

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