How to Create Page-wise menu

  • I am new to Qt creator, I am trying to create a page-wise menu using Qt, which includes 4 items in one page and total of 9 menu and 3 pages I need to create. So that when ever I reach the end of the first page the next page should appear with new menu on the display.

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    hi and welcome
    QStackedwidget is good for a page design.

    However, its unclear to me what
    "reach the end of the first page"

    you scroll the page or how can one reach the end?
    Are you talking about web pages?

  • I am using UP/DOWN buttons for scrolling down the items.
    Currently what I am seeing is continuous display of menus one by one if I keep on pressing down button. But what I want is when I reach the 4th menu then if i press down button the page in the display should show from 5-8 menu items then again once i reach 8th menu and I press down button i should see next 4 menu items (i.e 9-12).

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    but what do you have now?
    Show some code :)
    I have no idea what u see. and what menus are.

  • @Naveen_ks

    Do you want to limit the visible items under the main menu? like only 4 at a time , not more than that?

  • @Ni.Sumi
    Yes I want to limit the items for 4.

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