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Qt line drawing development project

  • Provide a fixed-price quotation to undertake a Qt GUI
    line drawing development project.

    The development project is for a Windows stand-alone Qt mini-application, or demo, to demonstrate a user interface for the drawing of multiple straight or curved lines which may have selectable line endings including: arrowhead, open circle, filled circle, round, square, butt, etc, and selectable line styles and colors, e.g. solid, dotted, dashed, #ff0000, etc. Only a single Bezier is required for each separate line instance.

    As a point of initial reference the project/demo should be a much extended version of what's illustrated here (without animation):


    The project must be implemented using the Qt 5.5 Graphics View Framework, incorporating implementations of a scene (QGraphicsScene), a view (QGraphicsView), and an item (QGraphicsItem). [I.e. not implemented in the same way as the illustration referenced above.]

    If you are interested in quoting for this project please send me an email with a summary of your qualifications and experience. I will send you a PDF file containing a detailed description of the requirements, as the basis for your quotation.

    With many thanks, Rick

  • are you looking for something like this : http://qcustomplot.com/

  • Hello theshadowx,

    Thank you for the pointer. AFICS it's a very nice, very sophisticated
    tool for drawing charts, based on a data feed. What I'm looking for is
    quite different, I think. The concept is that the user can:

    • Select 'Draw line' menu item
    • Move mouse into drawing area
    • Press mouse button at start position
      and drag to end position. Release mouse button
    • A line is shown on the screen. The line has two
      Bezier control points for changing its shape.

    The user then can change the shape of the line, and also set a ton of
    line properties, including thickness, color, opacity, shadow, termination
    style, etc, etc. In other words, it's just a mini line-drawing GUI.
    Like in many screenshot programs that enable the user to draw annotation
    lines and arrows.

    I hope that makes things clearer. Thanks again for your time.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @concreteRick
    Two projects since January were made by me where I have been used a QGraphicsScene, item drawing, moving and resizing. Meantime, please indicate your email, I am going send to you my CV and examples of my works

  • Hello @imironchik,

    Thank you for your question. The answer is that I don't really
    know at this point: I am not a programmer and have little idea
    about how long it should take an experienced Qt developer to do
    a good job on this. But noodling around the Qt documentation
    implies that Qt has everything there to make it work ...

    So now if I say it might be in the region of EUR 2000, it
    does not stop anyone quoting a lower or a higher price. My first
    priority is getting the project done. The second priority is
    finding someone to work with for later extensions to the project
    and for furture projects.

    If you email me directly, I'll send you an approx eight page
    PDF that contains more details about what I'm hoping for. You
    could read this and decide it's interesing work, and then calculate
    how long it would take you to do it well, and finally decide what
    price you need to charge so you have a good profit and happiness
    for your efforts (allow a margin for details you may inadvertently

    I was hoping there would be more interest than there has been so far.
    Maybe everyone is on holiday? Or I should try upwork. Ideally there
    would be three or four convincing proposals and I would be able to
    proceed with the best one (or best two maybe). At the current rate
    it'll likely be a few weeks before this stage arrives.

    Thanks again,


  • @aliks-os

    My email addres is in my profile? Or maybe I'm missing something? (It's my first time posting to this site.)

    Thank you for asking. /Rick

  • I was hoping there would be more interest than there has been so far.

    It is hard to show interest when you ask for a mail, but does not leave your mailaddress. :)

  • @Mowijo

    Good point. Thank you. I thought anyone could see my email address by clicking on my profile (because it's there when I look at it). I've just changed my profile settings so that everyone can see my email addr. I hope it's better now. Apologies for my error.


  • @concreteRick
    now I can see your email, but when I have wrote message to you it was invisible.
    Please pick up my CV on your email

  • @aliks-os
    Thank you for your message. What do you mean by 'invisible'?? I get dozens of emails every day sent to that email address.

    And I got an actual email from you, saying just:

    "Please pick up CV", and nothing more. So:

    1. Perhaps not so invisible!?
    2. Your message content is lacking in any inducement / entusiasm for further contact. I'll hope we can get over that.

    No worries, I'll email you the project description PDF and hope it can be interesting for you, and within your experience and capabilities. But please post an explanation about 'invisible'. Maybe you mean in the past it was invisible (my fault), but now it is visible--I hope so for everyone, including me.

    With many thanks for yr potential interest.

    Kind regards,


  • sorry, for my too short email. It means that if my previous experience is suitable for you - after your answer we will begin to discuss the project.

    Regarding "invisible" - here is my typo - should be read as following "now I can see your email, but when I have wrote message to you, your email was invisible in your profile."

    It is hard to show interest when you ask for a mail, but does not leave your mailaddress. :)

  • Thank you to everyone who responded. Four people, all very good. The winner even showed a demo as part of their quotation!

    I'll try to mark this as solved, assuming I find the right button.

    Thanks again, /Rick

  • Hi Concrete Rick,

    Please share me scope of the requirement we have Qt development team so we can work on this project .
    Please mail me mahesh@claysol.com

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