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QTcpSocket and signal

  • Hi!

    In an application I am developing, I save a file to the local file system, and then transfers it to a remote machine.
    The code that transfers the file is in a function that eventually calls QTcpSocket::write, and as it is non-blocking, the function returns.
    The command after the function returns emits a signal, and the function that was transferring the file seems to stop executing, as the file transfer also stops.
    Does anyone have any idea what could I be doing wrong?


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    Without any code, it's pretty difficult to guess what's going wrong. Please show the part you are using to send your file.

  • Thanks, again, for your attention, but I (think) I got this.

    I am now with another problem, but I am going to set this as 'solved', and create another post.


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    What was the problem ?

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