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  • I'm affraid the question has been asked before but I couldn't find a satisfying answer neither on the documentation nor in the FAQ's and forum.
    The question is: I want to create a QWidget (or QDialog) with QDesigner. It will simply contain a QTableWidget and a "Close" QPushButton. But I want the TableWidget to resize when the QWidget is resized, but not the PushButton. Seems easy... Any help is appreciated.


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    If we are talking vertical resizing, the button will not change size anyway; its default vertical size policy is QSizePolicy::Fixed. If we are talking horizontal, then again, the button's default horizontal size policy is QSizePolicy::Minimum, so it'll occupy the minimum amount of space when put side to side with an expanding widget (such as QTableWidget).
    So the answer seems to be:
    Add both your widgets to a layout and you should be good to go.

    Kind regards.

  • @kshegunov

    Hi, thanks for aswering. I tried to add a vertical layout, put the QTableWidget on the top and the button on the bottom, but when I resize the window, the TableWidget keeps its original size, it does seem to adapt to the new size. I certainly missed something to do to instruct the layout to resize with the parent widget.

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    I suggest looking up this thread.

    Kind regards.

  • @jcga Hi! Please post a drawing of what your form shall look like. I'm sure we can find a solution quickly.

    Edit: To post an image, upload it to, e.g., https://postimage.org, and then embed it here with ![alternate text](image url)

  • @kshegunov @Wieland
    Thanks, I looked up the suggested thread and it solved the problem.
    Thnaks Wieland for your answer.

    Best regards,


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