QtWebView examples not seen in Qt 5.7 Creator > Examples gallery

  • I have Qt 5.6 and 5.7 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 (32 bits) with Qt 5.7 Creator.

    Exploring examples of QtWebView and QtWebEngine in Qt 5.7 Creator I can search and find 8 examples of QtWebEngine applications but no examples of QtWebView.

    I can see one QtWebView example installed in /opt/qt57/doc/qtwebview/examples-manifest.xml but QtWebView does not show in the Examples gallery.

    I've searched “QtWebView” and “Minibrowser”.

    And the online example is shown here ...


    but just not shown in Qt 5.7 Creator.

    There is no reference to webview here ...


    Should I add the minibrowser example manually to the examples folder for it to be searchable in Qt Creator > Examples gallery?

  • I thought that QWebView was deprecated in Qt version 5,7. Maybe that's the reason.

  • I have read of course that QtWebView is being phased out .. but if so why is it documented under Qt 5.7?


    See Qt 5.7 reference in breadcrumbs at top of page.

    Also I've read recently in this forum that QtWebView is preferred for Android and QtWebEngine does not run on Android.

    The rules of this transition are confusing.

    I have found this which I'm studying ...


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    You are mixing different things: the QWebView class which comes from QtWebKit (which was deprecated) and the QtWebView module which is new.

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