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Can I compile Qt project to application for Mac OS on Windows Machine?

  • I write the code by Qt creator(5.7) on Windows. Now I want to compile the project and let the app can run on Mac OS.

    Is there a way to do it?

    I think compile on a Mac OS virtual Machine is the easiest way but my manager is looking for "write everything on Windows, change options when compile in Windows, generate App for Mac OS". I didn't find good article online. Can anyone guide me through this? Thanks

  • That's not possible. You can't compile your OS X application on a Windows machine.
    To everybody who is about to yell at me: Yes, there are a few attempts to get this going (and that's usually through a Linux environment) but experience tells that you'll end up spending (or rather wasting) three weeks trying to get something working reliably before you realize that it won't happen.

    Mac OS virtual Machine

    That is illegal, you are not allowed to that. That's against the OS X license which states that OS X must not be run on anything other than official Apple hardware.

    Our company faced the same "challenge" a few months ago and we ended up buying a 500$ Mac Mini. I assume that you can get them a lot cheaper on e-Bay or similar.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    One other point that should also be interesting: doing and running a native build can help uncover subtle bugs. It also helps make your code build on several different compilers that will complain differently. All in all it will allow you to better understand the platforms you are targeting.

    And except the investment in Mac hardware, you can do the rest (e.g. build a Linux version) in virtual machines.

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