Data model and tableview (beginner)

  • Hello there,

    I'm trying to write my first app in Qt using tableview. I looked into some tutorials but I found them confusing for a beginner like me. Please note I'm very beginner at C++ and Qt.
    What I understood is that to fill a tableview I need a data model.

    Can anyone give me a simple example on how to properly build a data model and insert/link it to a tableview, please?
    How do I add/remove items to it?

    I'm also not sure whether to use TableView or TableWidget. The goal is a table with contents that can be colored and clickable URLs on its cells. (in the future I may also need to put a combo box inside a cell)

    Thanks for any help

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    You have to give more information about the kind of data you want to handle in your application.

  • Thanks for answering!
    In the table it is regular text data: url, text, numbers and dates.

  • Thank you all for the answers this Qt forum is friendly!

  • I'd recommend you to read through this article first. That should give you a good overview about what is happening. After that you can start having a look at the various more advanced (and more complete) examples that are linked at the bottom of that article such as the address book example.

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