Bluetooth MITM Protection (BLE)

  • Is there a way using the QBluetooth Library to support MITM protection as part of the bluetooth low energy protocol? I am developing an app for an embedded device and both in Linux and on the device I see that when I try to bond using QT it requests pairing using no MITM. Some of my desired peripherals requires MITM to pair.

    I see this packet when I try to pair:

    < ACL data: handle 1025 flags 0x00 dlen 11
        SMP: Pairing Request (0x01)
          capability 0x03 oob 0x00 auth req 0x01
          max key size 0x10 init key dist 0x00 resp key dist 0x01
          Capability: NoInputNoOutput (OOB data not present)
          Authentication: Bonding (No MITM Protection)
          Initiator Key Distribution:
          Responder Key Distribution:  LTK


    The Linux system is Ubuntu 16.04 with QT 5.5 and Bluez5.

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