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WLAN client-server peer network Design Concern

  • I'm trying to implement a WiFi peer network so that two or more users can share resources. AFAIK Qt doesn't provide any class to turn on WiFi implicitly and/or explicitly advertise WiFi connections for the client to search and connect through. Any Ideas?

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  • WiFi works in two modes. They are;

    1. Network Discovery
      Qt appears to offer support for this using QNetworkConfigurationManager class as such a client can search with a view connecting to the advertised IP and port.
    2. Network Broadcasting
      AFAIK Qt doesn't provide this functionality, and this is key for networking over LAN without the use of the internet.
      I'm curious if such a library, code snippet or code design pointers exist to fix this problem.
      So far I've not had any luck trying to implement one.

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    @herlarbee said:

    Network Broadcasting

    I assume you mean something other that UDP?

    This is often used to make auto connection.
    Server sends "Im server, ip etc" on some port and all clients
    listen to this port.
    When they see the Datagram, they read ip etc. and
    switch to tcp connection.

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