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Unable to run application in debug mode

  • I am developing a multiplatform application and in Windows I'm using MSVC2015 with Qt5.6

    My application is running just fine in MacOS and Linux both in Debug and Release Modes. However, on Windows I cannot run my application in Debug Mode.

    When I start the debugger I get an error in the following line.
    I have a class that has a static map initialized like this

    static const QMap<QString, PropertyInfo> S_PROPERTY_INFO_MAP =
        {"objectName",          PointCloudData::tr("Objeto")},

    If I leave the QMap empty I get the error

    QWidget: Must construct a QApplication before a QWidget

    But why my application is running in release mode without problems?

  • Hi, I'm guessing the reason your app works in Release mode and on the other platforms is just luck.
    When doing stuff like ::tr("Hello") in static data initialization, i.e. before the QApplication is constructed in your main.cpp, what code gets run in what order is undefined in C++ and Qt is kinda confused before that QApplication is up and running. You could try filling the QMap in a for loop instead.

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