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Windows 8.1 - 10 Tablet (Connected Standby, AOAC, Modern Standby or else...)

  • Hello,

    actually i dont know if this question is directly QT related or not, but anyway here goes the question...
    i write an application that will run on Windows tablet PC's that have some kind of a new Connected Standby mode..

    i am successfully able to put my tablet to sleep on some conditions like AC power loss ot QTimer timeout, using this:


    but i have a seriuos problem bringing it back to "working mode" as during this sleep period QT Application is not active,
    so any QTimer's are not working, any SerialPort data is not working and so on...

    Do somebody knows any sort of workaround to keep Qt application active, or atleast a QThread active DURING
    connected standby phase, so i can monitor QTimers, and issue wake-up command to Windows system.
    wake up code is:


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