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Tab Ordering not working properly in widget

  • Hi everyone,

    The issue is the tab order on one of my ui files. I know QT sets tab ordering based upon the order in which the widgets are created in the designer. Luckily this ordering is correct. Furthermore, the tab order in the designer is correct. However, when pressing tab, the ordering is completely off. When I manually set Tab ordering by setTabOrder(widget*, widget*), this tab ordering is not being followed. Here is an example of some of my code.

    setTabOrder(ui->m_tableView, ui->widget);
    setTabOrder(ui->widget, ui->m_editWidget);
    setTabOrder(ui->m_editWidget, ui->m_setInputWidget);
    setTabOrder(ui->m_setInputWidget, ui->m_tableView);

    Just as a note m_editWidget and widget are container widgets of spinboxes and other things. m_setInputWidget is a customer widget that was "promoted" using Qt's promote functionality. From my understanding the tab order should tab to these specific widgets and then tab through those widgets sub widgets through the default QWidget::focusNextPrevChild. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions to help me, I'd be most appreciative.

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