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Android/Windows: cannot find deployment-settings.json

  • Hi,
    Here is a new post for a new issue I already mentionned as a comment to this post:

    I am trying to build a Qt app for Android with Qmake on Windows. The build process fails at one of the last steps. When it runs androiddeployqt.exe, it complains that it doesn't find the file What can cause this, and how can I fix it?

    I am compiling using a batch file script in which I manually call androiddeployqt.exe.

    "C:\Users\aalex\src\SOFTEXT\Android\Qt\5.7\android_armv7\bin\androiddeployqt.exe" --input C:\Users\aalex\src\softdev\Home\build-My_Project-Android_for_armeabi_v7a_GCC_4_9_Qt_5_7_0-Release\My_Project\ --output C:\Users\aalex\src\softdev\Home\build-My_Project-Android_for_armeabi_v7a_GCC_4_9_Qt_5_7_0-Release\android-build --deployment bundled --android-platform android-23 --jdk "C:\Users\aalex\src\SOFTEXT\Android\jdk1.7.0_55" --ant C:\Users\aalex\src\SOFTEXT\Android\apache-ant-1.9.7\bin\ant.bat

    Maybe I should not call androideployqt.exe directly? Is there a higher-level tool that I should be using instead of being that specific in my script?

    Thank you.

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    Maybe a silly question but, did you follow the Required Steps Before Running androiddeployqt ?

  • Hello, I have the same issue, did you fix this?

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