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[SOLVED]Write QMAKE replace function

  • Well, as I mentioned somewhere...I have got function:
    @defineReplace(getLibraryTarget) { NAME = $$1 return(quote($${PROJECT}.$$NAME)) }@
    But it returns just $$NAME (not $$PROJECT), when I tested this variable, shows correct message, but when I compiled this code, it returns just $$NAME as target...I really don't know where could be a problem...

    So the correct name of that library should be:
    But it is just:

    how to rewrite this function?...

  • You'll have to show how you use it.

  • @defineReplace(getLibraryName) {
    NAME = $$1
    return ($$quote(${PROJECT}.$$NAME))

    works fine. The problem mainly is that PROJECT isn't something qmake sets. What do you expect PROJECT to return? The project name? If I have the following:
    @PROJECT = gnarl
    defineReplace(getLibraryName) {
    NAME = $$1
    return ($$quote(${PROJECT}.$$NAME))


    I get
    @Project MESSAGE: gnarl.huuhaa.dll@
    as output.

    If I don't set PROJECT, I get
    @Project MESSAGE: .huuhaa.dll@
    which indicates qmake doesn't do anything with the variable.

  • He said he gets:
    which indicates to me that he is not using it properly.

  • I am using it:
    @TARGET = $$getLibraryName(LibraryProject)@
    Yes, the variable $$PROJECT is set up (in .pri file, where is also defined that function)

  • Is PROJECT set before you define the function?

  • yes, it is.

  • See what you get with

  • well...nothing. It is empty...

  • I tried:
    Both are NULL (empty)...

  • Before or after you use
    @TARGET = $$getLibraryName(LibraryProject)@
    How is setLibraryTarget defined?

  • Used in Library project:
    QT += xml xmlpatterns

    TARGET = $$setLibraryTarget(Configuration)

    Defined in project include file ( .pri )
    @defineReplace(setLibraryTarget){ NAME = $$1 return($$quote(${SYDNEYSTUDIO_PROJECT_NAME}.$$NAME)) }@

    Well, when I removed Makefile and wrote is on multi-lines, it works...thanks for help.

    So solution is, do not write QMAKE function as inline :D :D

    But, there is another problem with my QMAKE (new thread?)

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