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Android development with Services (background app)

  • Hi,

    I m trying to understand how to use the new features of "android qtservices" that came up with the 5.7 version of QT.
    I feel like I have been wasting my time for a week now trying to figure out how to use this new class in java 'qtservice'. it seems to me that it is impossible to bind your main activity to it. it uses some shady invokedelegate and resultmethodwhatever to get something that can be cast to IBinder, an interface used to create the binding between activity and service, but nothing tells you what kind of IBinder you get, nor how to use it nor how to extend it.

    so if a good soul can enlight me on how to bind your activity to the service you create, so you can have like an instance of the service class where you could use it, I would be very thankful.
    thanks for reading.

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