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Copying combo box items in qt designer

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to copy a combo box from on stacked widget page to another. It has a long list that I added by right clicking and choosing Edit items... The list won't change but it's long. I tried to copy/paste but got this message

    Cannot paste widgets. Designer could not find a container without a layout to paste into.
    Break the layout of the container you want to paste into, select this container an then paste again.

    The page I'm trying to paste the combo box into has a grid layout. Is there a way to get around breaking the entire page layout so I can past the box into one of the gird layout cells?

    Or is there a way to copy/paste the items from one combo box to another?

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    Can you try to break the layout in source widget and destination widgets, copy only combo box ,paste the same ? You are trying to copy the combo box to destination where it has layout already. Breaking layout in the of target widget should solve your issue. Copying comboBox from one widget to other widget works much issues.

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    Hi, often I can get around it by pasting it to
    mainwindow and then drag into the page.

    Also what version of Creator (look in about) are you using?
    It seems V4 dont say this so often.
    Yet to see it after upgrade. could be random.

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