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Cannot creat accessible child interface for object: selectionBox(0x2635f70) index: 3

  • Hi, I've just upgraded to Linux Mint 18 which uses Qt 5.5.1 and have started receiving this error when scrolling down a QListWidget "Cannot creat accessible child interface for object: SelectionBox(0x2635f70) index: 3" with index incrementing as you go down the list. There is no error reported on the first 3 items however on item number 4 i get the error. This does not happen on Linux Mint 17 which uses Qt 5.2.1. Any ideas on where to look or would this be considered a bug and be reported?



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    First thing to check is whether a more recent version of Qt also suffer from that. I'd also check with the package maintainer and distribution manager of that distribution.

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