Looking for professional Qml designers

  • I've got a Qml based application that is meant to have two different outward facing UI approaches.

    There is an 'SDK' version that ships with an SDK and that user interface is simple (I created it.)

    There is a 'Production' version that is meant to ship with products and that user interface does not currently exist (the underlying code is the same) - and I doubt I've got the design ability to create this UI.

    The code was written explicitly to abstract all of the business logic from the Qml based UI code (the business logic is in C++.)

    Are there any companies or well known (and portfolio'd) individuals who are available to hire for an engagement to produce this 'production' interface?



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    There are several companies that can do that:

    • Edeltech
    • The Qt Company
    • Woboq
    • KDAB
    • ICS

  • Thanks! I will look into this shortly. Very much appreciated.

  • You can look at http://www.pthinks.com as well.

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