QMainWindow and its children vs visibility at focus change/minimizing

  • Hello,

    I have a QMainWindow instance with bunch of QDialogs and QWidgets set as its childern. User may open them by clickin some actions on menubar. What is happening, that in fact I don't want to be happenin:

    • when I minimize main window its children are minimized as well (I guess because they are its children)
    • when I have some dialog/widget opened (visible) it stays ON TOP of the main window even if I click in the main windows area (focus thingy i guess)

    My question is:

    • is there a non-complicated solution to fix this behaviour? Idk.. like settings a flag? something like that, I cannot find anything in docs (at least so far)

    What I came across during searching:

    • 'orphaning' children :D (setting their parent to Q_NULLPTR) inside stateChanged event and turning it back again depending on the event type.
      I did not test/used it yet since out of curiosity I wanted to ask you guys about it? Do you think above solution is sensible enough to be used or are there any other better ones?

    Best Regards,

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Have you tried simply not to give the dialogs a parent?

    MyDialog * dia= new MyDialog ();

    You will need to delete them your self when app is closing.

  • Simplest solutions are the best - thank you!
    I kinda feel really dumb now :D
    Anyway - solved.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well often :)
    There was a thread not so long ago talking
    about how to delete the dialogs later.
    If you make them members, its pretty basic.

  • Can you point me to this thread (just in case - I may find something usefull there)?

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