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Android: Please add QWebEngineView

  • I tried to port some smaller programs which I used over the years to my new Android mobile, which make strong use of QWebView.

    First I noticed that with QT 5.7 it was gone and re-appeared as QWebEngineView, and wondered about the always propagated backward compatibility ...

    But after getting it all to qork under linux the biggest drawback appeared: QWebEngineView is not present in Android because of some platform restrictions (
    Other solutions like "Qt Web View" with QML has other drawbacks and I do not yet want to go into the depth of QML.

    So I ask: Is it not possible to introduce a simple wrapper for the platform native browser engine with the functionality of the good old QWebView or the new QWebEngineView. Or maybe jut implement the QWebEngineView as this wrapper on Android (or iOS).

  • Hi, welcome to the Qt forum! You should better bring this up to the mailing list. This forum is more user oriented and the mailing list is where the developers are.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Wrappers around a native web view can be found in the QtWebView module.

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