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Signal between 2 class

  • Hello,
    I have 2 classes and I have to connect them with a signal

    QListView *view=new QListView(this)
    connect(view,&QListView::clicked,this,[ ](){emit newSignal();});
    A *a=new A;
    connect(a,&A::newSignal,this,()[ ]{qDebug("test");});

    sorry for not post a complet code, he's long.
    Signal of QListView is works, but newSignal is not emited !
    Thanks for your help :)

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    Please post the actual code. This won't even compile.
    [ ](){emit newSignal();} this lambda does not capture this so it would be a compilation error to try and call newSignal() from it.
    ()[ ]{qDebug("test");} the parenthesis are all backwards.
    How and where is newSignal declared? Do you have a Q_OBJECT macro in you A class declaration?

  • connect(this->view,&QListView::clicked, this,[=]{
    emit this->newSignal();

  • @Yacinoben
    Why using lambda in the first connect statement? You can directly connect signals with signals:

    connect(view, &QListView::clicked, this, &A::newSignal);

  • It doesn't work .
    this is my code :

    class History : public QDialog
        explicit History(QWidget *parent = 0);
        void selectHistory();
    History::History(QWidget *parent) : QDialog(parent)
    void MainWindow::showHistory()
        History *history=new History(this);
        connect(history,&History::selectHistory,this,[ ] () {qDebug("test);});

    The QListView contains a history of browser, i would like when i click in a index, i open a new tab in my navigator with a fonction addTab in Mainwindow, but the signal doesn't work

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    You're doing your connection after exec which means that it will happen after you close your history dialog thus you won't see any message.

    On a side note, you are leaking memory since you don't delete history. The objects will get destroyed when MainWindow is since you give it a parent but the memory will fill up more each time you call showHistory.

  • Yes, you are right, when i call history, the object doesn't deletes, the use of the memory increases.
    but now, its work !!

       History *history=new History(this);
       connect(history,&History::selectHistory,this,[ ] () {qDebug("test");});


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    It's easier and shorter to just create it on the stack:

    History history(this);
    connect(&history,&History::selectHistory, this, [ ]{ qDebug("test"); } );

  • Thanks !

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