Qt debugging randomly stops on Mac OSX

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    I am trying to debug a simple Qt application, using the serial port. The program seems to work fine, but when I try debug messages in the form of qDebug() << xxxx, then the output to the application output windows seems to stop at random times.
    Also, some breakpoints are not taken. And when I try to stop debugging, I often have to select 'abort debugging' in the debug menu.
    So it is as if QtCreator disconnects from the debugger or something.
    I have tried the same code on windows, and there everything works fine, debugging works like a charm.

    I am working on OSX El Capitan (10.11.5). I am using Qt 5.5.1 with clang6.1 64bit. QtCreator 3.5.1. I have tried an older Qt version as well, same thing.

    Any ideas anyone? Is debugging 'buggy' on Mac OSX?


    --------Update --------
    Debugging seems to work like a charm on the new Qt5.7.0, no disconnects anymore.
    Is there an issue with lower versions on El Capitan maybe?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should also add which version of OS X, Xcode and Qt Creator you are using.

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