Signals and Slot Isssue Qt 5.7

  • I'm trying to implement a basic signal and slot on the same class but i'm getting an error.
    In my .h file
    #include <QObject>
    class RolePermissions : public QObject
    // Class have a private access level by default.
    void doPermissionsFlagPopulation();
    private slots:
    void populatePermisionsFlags();

    explicit RolePermissions(QObject *parent = 0);


    In.cpp file
    #include "rolepermissions.h"
    #include <QDebug>
    RolePermissions::RolePermissions(QObject *parent) :
    bool ok = connect(this,this->NotifyPermissionsClassConstructorCalled,this,this->populatePermisionsFlags);
    qDebug()<< ok;
    qDebug()<<"Slot Should have been Fired by now";


    void RolePermissions::doPermissionsFlagPopulation()
    emit NotifyPermissionsClassConstructorCalled();
    qDebug()<< "signal Emitted";

    void RolePermissions::populatePermisionsFlags()
      qDebug()<< "I'm emitted";

    BTW the bool flag returns true.
    Is this a bug or am i missing something

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    @herlarbee Shouldn't it be:

    bool ok = connect(this,&RolePermissions::NotifyPermissionsClassConstructorCalled,this,&RolePermissions::populatePermisionsFlags);

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