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How to access this JSON ( indented JSON )

  • Hey , guys . Please help me on how to access this json elements ?
    JSON :

    	"batchcomplete": "",
    	"query": {
    		"searchinfo": {
    			"totalhits": 1
    		"search": [{
    			"ns": 0,
    			"title": "Intro cryptography",
    			"snippet": "Introduction to <span class='searchmatch'>Cryptography</span>  \n'''What is <span class='searchmatch'>Cryptography</span> ?'''\n",
    			"size": 1815,
    			"wordcount": 243,
    			"timestamp": "2016-03-07T15:34:27Z"

    Elements that i want to access is : title , totalhits and snippet .
    Here is what i have tried :["title"] but it was no good :/

  • Hello,

    Assuming you have a QJsonDocument named doc describing the above json, you have to call :

    QJsonDocument doc = QJsonDocument::fromJson(content); // content is the json to parse
    QJsonObject root = doc.rootObject();
    int totalHints = root["query"].toObject()["searchinfo"].toObject()["totalhits"].toInt();

    For the elements title and snippet inside your search array, you can iterate over the array (root["query"].toObject()["search"].toArray()) and convert each item to a QJsonObject currentItem to access currentItem["title"]

    Something like:

    QJsonArray allSearches = root["query"].toObject()["search"].toArray();
    // C++11
    for(const auto& item : allSearches)
      QJsonObject currentItem = item.toObject();
      QString title = currentItem["title"].toString(); // Idem for snippet

  • Hey @mistralegna thanks for the reply . I was actually looking for a way to do it in js. Can you give an example for js?

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    @Qjay said:

    I was actually looking for a way to do it in js. Can you give an example for js?

  • I know how to parse json , i want to access the elements in it after parsing it .

    for example i have this JSON :

    and i access it like this

     parse = JSON.parse(json);
                    rev_id = parse.parse.revid; // gor revid
                    text = parse.parse.text["*"]; // got text

    but i don't know how to access the type in my question

    if possible can you write it here ?

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    From your original post, the search field is a list so you have to handle like one.

    If you only have one element to parse:[0].title

    otherwise use a for loop and go through it.

  • Hey @SGaist I tried this simple js code

    and it's giving me undefined in alert box .

            var http = new XMLHttpRequest();
            var json , parse , title ;
            http.onreadystatechange = function(){
                if(http.readyState == 4 && http.status == 200)
                { json = http.responseText;
                    parse = JSON.parse(json);
                    title =[0].title;

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    You put the result of JSON.parse in a variable called parse and then you try to get your data from a variable called query.

  • Crap i mixed 2 codes. Sorry for that :m. Thank you everyone

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