My app in Qt 5.7, Windows 7, 64 bit-compile crashed in d3d11sdklayers.dll

  • I create an app on Windows 7, compiled as 32 bit, and it runs fine. However when I switch everything to 64 bit, the app could not run. It crash in d3d11sdklayers.dll. Here is the stack trace:

     	d3d11sdklayers.dll!000007fedcbc4469()	Unknown
     	d3d11sdklayers.dll!000007fedcba2971()	Unknown
     	libGLESv2d.dll!rx::Renderer11::populateRenderer11DeviceCaps() Line 893	C++
     	libGLESv2d.dll!rx::Renderer11::initializeDevice() Line 806	C++
     	libGLESv2d.dll!rx::Renderer11::initialize() Line 689	C++
     	libGLESv2d.dll!rx::CreateRendererD3D(egl::Display * display, rx::RendererD3D * * outRenderer) Line 124	C++
     	libGLESv2d.dll!rx::DisplayD3D::initialize(egl::Display * display) Line 249	C++
     	libGLESv2d.dll!egl::Display::initialize() Line 369	C++
     	libGLESv2d.dll!egl::Initialize(void * dpy, int * major, int * minor) Line 59	C++
     	libEGLd.dll!eglInitialize(void * dpy, int * major, int * minor) Line 88	C++
     	qwindowsd.dll!QWindowsEGLStaticContext::create(QFlags<enum QWindowsOpenGLTester::Renderer> preferredType) Line 246	C++
     	qwindowsd.dll!QWindowsStaticOpenGLContext::doCreate() Line 419	C++
     	qwindowsd.dll!QWindowsStaticOpenGLContext::create() Line 436	C++
     	qwindowsd.dll!QWindowsIntegration::staticOpenGLContext() Line 470	C++
     	qwindowsd.dll!QWindowsIntegration::createPlatformOpenGLContext(QOpenGLContext * context) Line 441	C++
     	Qt5Guid.dll!QOpenGLContext::create() Line 612	C++
     	Qt5WebEngineCored.dll!0000000180173b5b()	Unknown
     	Qt5WebEngined.dll!QtWebEngine::initialize() Line 75	C++
     	EMnetXClient.exe!main(int argc, char * * argv) Line 169	C++
     	EMnetXClient.exe!WinMain(HINSTANCE__ * __formal, HINSTANCE__ * __formal, char * __formal, int __formal) Line 123	C++

    In EMnetXClient it crashes right at
    QQmlContext*rootContext = engine.rootContext();

    Any clue?

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  • Qt Champions 2017

    Could you provide a little bit of your code surrounding line 169 in main()?

    Kind regards.

  • QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
        QQmlContext*rootContext = engine.rootContext(); // <<< Crash here
        rootContext->setContextProperty("deviceID", QVariant::fromValue(g_config.queueName()));
        rootContext->setContextProperty("webSiteURL", QVariant::fromValue(g_config.websiteUrl()));
        return app.exec();

    The initTrayIcon function:

    void initTrayIcon(QQmlApplicationEngine &engine)
        QObject *root = 0;
        if (engine.rootObjects().size() > 0)
            root = engine.rootObjects().at(0);
            QAction *minimizeAction = new QAction(QObject::tr("Mi&nimize"), root);
            root->connect(minimizeAction, SIGNAL(triggered()), root, SLOT(hide()));
            QAction *maximizeAction = new QAction(QObject::tr("Ma&ximize"), root);
            root->connect(maximizeAction, SIGNAL(triggered()), root, SLOT(showMaximized()));
            QAction *restoreAction = new QAction(QObject::tr("&Restore"), root);
            root->connect(restoreAction, SIGNAL(triggered()), root, SLOT(showNormal()));
            QAction *quitAction = new QAction(QObject::tr("&Quit"), root);
            root->connect(quitAction, SIGNAL(triggered()), qApp, SLOT(quit()));
            QMenu *trayIconMenu = new QMenu();
            QSystemTrayIcon *trayIcon = new QSystemTrayIcon(root);

  • Hi, if you compile in Release mode does it still crash the same way?

  • @kshegunov I check the the debug log in the 32 bit version, and I think there is something relate to it. The line 168 " QtWebEngine::initialize();" is actually show a warning
    D3D11: ERROR: ID3D11Device::CheckFormatSupport: Format (null) is not available at the current FeatureLevel. [ MISCELLANEOUS ERROR #2097402: CHECKFORMATSUPPORT_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED ]

    This is actually the culprit that crash the app in 64 bit version. I step thru the code in 64bit, and at that location, I got an access violation. The next line (169) will stop the app.
    Stack trace is here
    1 D3D11TranslateCreateDevice D3D11SDKLayers 0x7fed9d44469
    2 D3D11TranslateCreateDevice D3D11SDKLayers 0x7fed9d22971
    3 rx::Renderer11::populateRenderer11DeviceCaps renderer11.cpp 893 0x7fed2c17a8d
    4 rx::Renderer11::initializeDevice renderer11.cpp 806 0x7fed2c151c3
    5 rx::Renderer11::initialize renderer11.cpp 689 0x7fed2c143d5
    6 rx::CreateRendererD3D displayd3d.cpp 124 0x7fed29ff51a
    7 rx::DisplayD3D::initialize displayd3d.cpp 249 0x7fed2a00ecb
    8 egl::Display::initialize display.cpp 369 0x7fed28c9968
    9 egl::Initialize entry_points_egl.cpp 59 0x7fed2ac6878
    10 eglInitialize libegl.cpp 88 0x7fee2821d1d
    11 QWindowsEGLStaticContext::create qwindowseglcontext.cpp 246 0x7fed736c140
    12 QWindowsStaticOpenGLContext::doCreate qwindowsintegration.cpp 419 0x7fed72ec135
    13 QWindowsStaticOpenGLContext::create qwindowsintegration.cpp 436 0x7fed72ebd79
    14 QWindowsIntegration::staticOpenGLContext qwindowsintegration.cpp 470 0x7fed72eb58b
    15 QWindowsIntegration::createPlatformOpenGLContext qwindowsintegration.cpp 441 0x7fed72eb44e
    16 QOpenGLContext::create qopenglcontext.cpp 612 0x7fed4097830
    17 QtWebEngineCore::initialize Qt5WebEngineCored 0x180173b5b
    18 QtWebEngine::initialize qtwebengineglobal.cpp 75 0x7feddd40899
    19 main main.cpp 169 0x13f1f8479
    20 WinMain qtmain_win.cpp 123 0x13f23824d
    21 __tmainCRTStartup crtexe.c 618 0x13f2375e1
    22 WinMainCRTStartup crtexe.c 466 0x13f23735e
    23 BaseThreadInitThunk kernel32 0x76dd652d
    24 RtlUserThreadStart ntdll 0x7716c521

  • @hskoglund Interesting... the release version of 64bit does not!
    How so!!?

  • Qt Champions 2017

    From what I can tell from your code you aren't doing anything wrong. Obviously there's some problem with initializing direct 3D, but what exactly causes this I don't know, sorry.

    Kind regards.

  • @TonyN

    Hi, TonyN
    Have you solved it? I have the same problem.

  • @zhong-san No, I submitted a bug report and was accepted, but it still not resolve yet

  • I end up used a different graphic board. The driver for Intel HD 3000 just buggy and they end support on 2015!. I don't know how to get around this with old computer from customers yet

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