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  • Hi All
    I am using qtcolorcombobox.cpp and qtcolorcombobox.moc.h files

    There are some user colors set in the drop down menu . of qtcolorcombobox.cpp . My requirement is if the user chooses the User Color in session one and exits the GUI and now next times opens the gui He/She should be able to see the User colors in next sessions also

  • Hi! Qt provides a convenient API for this, see QSettings Class.

    From the QSettings documentation page:

    The QSettings class provides persistent platform-independent application settings.

    Users normally expect an application to remember its settings (window sizes and positions, options, etc.) across sessions. This information is often stored in the system registry on Windows, and in property list files on OS X and iOS. On Unix systems, in the absence of a standard, many applications (including the KDE applications) use INI text files.

    QSettings is an abstraction around these technologies, enabling you to save and restore application settings in a portable manner. It also supports custom storage formats.

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