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Missing Files and Classes in Qt 5.7 Creator .. + New Project

  • I installed Qt 5.7 (32 bits Linux) from this PPA ...

    I have to use this PPA since the Qt Installer no longer supports 32 bit.

    In Qt 5.7 Creator (32 bits) when I navigate to Projects > New Project

    the form “Choose a template”: only shows ...

    .. Application
    .. Library
    .. Other Project
    .. Non-Qt Project
    .. Import Project

    Files and Classes
    .. <none .. blank>

    i.e. missing under Files and Classes are entries such as ...


    Comparing with expected layout shown here ...

    Is there a pre-built Qt 5.7 Creator installation available so that I can see fully populated Files and Classes?.

    Other than above missing Files and Classes in template, Qt 5.7 Creator can run Examples such as demobrowser.

    I also have Qt 5.7 Designer installed.

  • Hi! Using the button "New Project" one can only create a new project. If you want to create a single file, go to the main menu: File > New File or Project...

  • I'm sorry but I don't understand why these entries are seen in the Qt Creator Manual but not in my (working) installation of Qt 5.7 Creator.

    I need to create Form Class. where do I do this?

    Thanks for prompt reply.

  • Sorry. I Now see where I'm not using Qt Creator properly.
    It has been a while since I used it.


  • @eureka said:

    I need to create Form Class. where do I do this?

    See my previous reply :-)) Main menu: File > New File or Project

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