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QPainter does not paint anything

  • Hi, I am new to QT.
    Here , I am trying to build tictactoe, so I have to draw rectangles in tictactoe. First , I create dialogs that ask the game settings. Then, after that I create dialog that will be the tictactoe game itself .

    void Board::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *e)
    painter = new QPainter(multiPlayerDialog);
    QPen borderPen(Qt::black);
    painter->drawRects(boardRects,9); //draw 9 rectangle

    for(int i= 0; i<constTileSquare;i++)
        QString path;
        case EMPTY:
            path= "";
        case X:
        case O:
        painter-> drawPixmap(boardRects[i].x()+10,   boardRects[i].y()+10,boardRects[i].width()-20,  boardRects[i].height()-20,QPixmap(path));


    void Board::multiPlayer()


     delete dialogGetPlayerName;
      multiPlayerDialog = new QDialog(this);
      multiPlayerDialog->setWindowTitle("Multi Player Tic Tac Toe");
       QSize size(100,100);
        boardRects[0] = QRect(QPoint(0,0),size);
        boardRects[1] = QRect(QPoint(0,100),size);
        boardRects[2] = QRect(QPoint(0,200),size);
        boardRects[3] = QRect(QPoint(100,0),size);
        boardRects[4] = QRect(QPoint(100,100),size);
        boardRects[5] = QRect(QPoint(100,200),size);
        boardRects[6] = QRect(QPoint(200,0),size);
        boardRects[7] = QRect(QPoint(200,100),size);
        boardRects[8] = QRect(QPoint(200,200),size);
    player = X;


    However, it does not show any rectangle. It just shows a new blank window. What's wrong?
    How do you do painting in another dialog besides the main dialog? How to tell the QPaintEvent to work only on this multiplayerPlayerDialog?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Short answer: you don't.

    Longer answer: each widget is responsible for its own painting. So you should configure you custom dialog with whatever parameters are needed and let it handle the painting.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your reply
    it actually work if I change multiPlayerDialog -> show() to this-> show() .
    Is it what do you mean? So, it is because I created the BoardRects at the class not at the dialog itself?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I knew I missed something :D

    You are currently doing your custom painting in Board not in multiplayerDialog which is just an empty QDialog. That's why calling show on Board shows you what you want.

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