Fonts are not antialiased in QT 5.7 OpenSource on Windows 10.

  • Hello,
    This is my firs post on the forum

    I’m using QTextBrowser to to show formatted text. Unfortunately it’s not antialised and looks way too ragged.

    I tried the following without any success

    1. Set antialising globally
    QFont f = QApplication::font();
    1. Tried antialising on a label
    QFont f = ui->labelTest->font();

    Label is not antialiased

    1. Output text in QTextBrowser with
    void QTextCursor::insertText(const QString &text, const QTextCharFormat&format)



    I have Windows ClearType turned on.

    Nothing helps. How to make Qt use antialiasing when it draws text? Thank you.

  • @vhrynchuk
    Sorry, my mistake. It does antialising. It does it just noticeably worse than Chrome or Adobe PDF reader.

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