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Create a text file with a template

  • Hi,
    i have to generate a text file. For that i want to use a template.
    My first idea is to create a template which looks like:


    Filename: %1
    Author: %2
    Timestamp: %3 

    So when creating my file i can read that template and replace the %- values with the arg function of the QString class:

    QFile file("template.txt");;
    QTextStream in(&file);
    QString text = in.readAll();
    QString newText = text.arg("MyFilename").arg("Homer Simpson").arg("Today");
    // save newText in a new file

    In my template file are a lot of values to set, so the code is really ugly and hard to read with the number of .arg().arg().arg() ....

    Is there a better to realize that?


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    The Grantlee project might be of interest for your use case.

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