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Platform variables.. Where

  • Hello
    I have a small question which I'm pretty sure has a simple answer, but I couldn't find it.
    I know that there are different ways to "force" platform variables. For instance you can write a qt.conf file to deploy with the application to change variables.

    Ok, so.. What are all the possibilities? Up to now I know the qt.conf method and passing the -platform argument to the application. But.. Is there a way to "override" the defaults directly in the application at compile time?

    I mean.. for instance on windows the dpiawareness is set to 2 as default. So if I want to set it to 1, I can:

    1. call the program as myprogram.exe -platform windows:dpiawareness=1
    2. create a qt.conf file and write in it something (more on this later)

    But what if I want to set it to 1 as default? Can I "embed" this in the application and then, if the user wants a different behavior, make him use one of the former methods?

    As for the qt.conf file, is this right?

    WindowsArguments = dpiawareness=1

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