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Refreshing QTableView selection manually

  • Hello,
    I have a probleme with a qTableview.
    I have two widgets, a qCustomPlot and a qTableView between wich selections signals are sent.
    For the uses of my application, i was forced to blockSignal on my SelectionModel's TableView and modify the selection manually.
    But, when i select my indexes, if there is no scroll, the olds selected lines doesn't deselect until user get focus on qTableView or until the QTableView is resized/scrolled.
    I tried update(), repaint() and show() on mys tableView but nothing changed! :/

    Here is the code:

    void OSGM::onGraphSelectionChanged(int index)
        auto selectionModel = m_TableView.selectionModel();
        QItemSelection selection;
            // if it's a selection
            if (index != OSGEH::ELEMENT_DESELECTED) {
                // create the selection manually
                auto keys = m_TabRectMap.keys(index);
                for (auto key : keys) {
                    auto row = m_TableView.model()->index(key, 0);
                    selection.append(QItemSelectionRange(row, row));
            selectionModel->select(selection, QItemSelectionModel::Current | QItemSelectionModel::Rows);
        if (selection.size() != 0) 
            // scroll qtableview to the first item

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Why do you need to call blockSignals ?

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