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No "Qt Quick Controls 2 Application"

  • Hi, I'm using Qt Creator 5.4.1 for Desktop. I want to create a new project of Qt quick 2 application. I followed instruction at

    But, in my New Project Window, I could not file Qt Quick Controls 2 Application wizard.

    Please give me a hand for this. Thank you.

  • Qt Quick Controls 2 is a brand new module. The work on it hadn't been even started when Qt 5.4 was released. :) It was first released as a tech preview under the name Qt Labs Controls in Qt 5.6, and the first official version was released in Qt 5.7.

  • @jpnurmi Thank you for your information

    So, Is it OK if I create "qtquick2applicationviewer.h" & "qtquick2applicationviewer.cpp" by myself?

  • @tanmanh0707 you can create a "Qt Quick 2 Application", but there is no such thing as "Qt Quick Controls 2 Application" in your version of Qt / Creator. I believe even the "Qt Quick 2 Application" template is using QQmlApplicationEngine instead of the old "viewer", which is a blast from the past. :) Is there something wrong with the "Qt Quick 2 Application" template? If you want Qt Quick Controls 2, updating to a more recent version of Qt is the only option.

  • @jpnurmi No, nothing's wrong with "Qt Quick 2 Application" template. It is just because in my New Project, there's no Qt Quick 2 Application either.

    It just has 4 options:

    • Qt Widgets Application

    • Qt Quick Application

    • Qt Console Application, and

    • Qt Quick UI (sorry I can't post the picture at this moment)

  • @tanmanh0707 said:

    Qt Quick Application

    Oops, sorry. This is the correct, based on Qt Quick 2. Qt Quick 1 was already deprecated.

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