StartUp Opportunity

  • BOS is the task management application with automatic ToDo list and many many features. It helps you to neglect procrastination.
    We develop this up with time management guru in the team. So the aplication goes with the newest time management metodology Be Organized Supreme

    The Whole project including web server is being developed with QT QML for smart devices and desktop. The project is partly done.
    At the moment in the team 2 people and it is supervised by Russian StartUp accelerator Ideal machine.

    Who we are looking for.


    • C++, Qt
    • SQL
    • MVC, data models
    • HTTP.
      benefits you:
    • QML, Java Script
    • Concurency.
    • GIT
    • JNI, native API.

    remote participation is ok. It is supposed to be a share of company.
    If you are interested or have questions feel free to cantact me in Skype or other
    Skype vecconstant
    Telegram +79215556975

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