Which is best for parsing in Qt???

    1. QXmlStreanreader
    2. Qt dom parser
    3. Qt sax parser

    which is fastest and occupy less memory.**
    if there any other please provide????

  • What are exactly your requirements? Sounds like a question from somebody who has never used a XML parser.

  • Sax is the fastest and uses less memory.
    Disadvantage of sax-parsers: callback-based. So, you aren't able to "walk through" the DOM several times.

    The DOM-model uses more memory but more comfortable...

    A fourth framework you're not mentioned: libxml2 (not Qt, but C++)

  • I really like the QXmlStream* APIs. They still use much less memory than QDOM since they are incremental like SAX2 but do not require a load of callbacks to be registered.

    It is still easy with QXmlStreamReader to recurse into specialised functions for each sub-section of your XML document.

  • It really all depends on your use case, and you are not telling us about that. Personally, I use the QXmlStream* API most nowadays.

  • Take care: some important entities aren't supported by the Qt XML parsers.
    See: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-6610
    (see comment "No, we don't support those entities at all")

    If you need a really high-end xml parser with entities and DTD-support, than libxml2 is the best (and the most complicated) solution.

  • Also, note that the QtXml module is considered done and that QXmlStreamReader and QXmlStreamWriter are recommended to use instead. See the following "blog":http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/05/12/qt-modules-maturity-level-the-list/

  • thanks all of you, my aim of this question is knowledge and some discussion. i know its not that important topic but it would be helpful for fresh developers.

  • i have also agreed that qxmlstream* api is faster and occupy less memory. it is helpful in mobile devices where less memory is avilable

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