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QtCreator 4.0.2 was stopped by anti virus

  • Hello,

    I have installed QT5.7 community on Windows 10.
    GDATA internet security has stopped qtcreator and jom.exe with following explanations:
    the SW has written data to system directory
    the SW has created an executable file
    the SW can be used to create arbitrary code
    the SW has manipulated data that is protected by system recovery (original german text "Das Programm hat Dateien manipuliert die durch die Windows Systemwiederherstellung gesch├╝tzt sind.")
    the SW has manipulated an executable file in the windows folder.

    I remember that some years ago I had similar issues: at that time the Symantec antivirus has stopped the software that was created by me (using older version of QT) but this time the QT SW was stopped.

    Does anybody have any experience with such effects?
    What has changed since QtCreator 3.x? I have not observed any issues before I have changed to QT5.7 .


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean that on the exact same system Qt Creator 3.6.1 was working fine and 4.0.2 is triggering this ? Or just using Qt 5.7 for your project ?

    In any case it's pretty strange. As for the changes the best place is to look at Qt Creator's change log. For example here.

  • Hello

    this system has been set up in january this year.
    I have been using QT5.5 and 5.6 before 5.7 without any trouble.
    I have to admit that I cannot trace back all updates that have happened in the meantime.


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    Which anti-virus are you using ?

  • I use another AV (avast) but looks like recently AVs in general are becoming really annoying in regard to software development and qt, my AV removed arbitrary qt DLLs and also the qmake.exe as well during the last 2 months, actually broking my job tools like a virus would do!
    Clean OS install and fifferent PCs did not solve the problem but fortunately sending a false positive reports fixed the problem for now.
    I also get deep scans (15 seconds long) every time i create a new exe in a new folder and by time to time one of my exe is identified as suspicius and removed/blocked, adding random/dummy strings or code wich change the executable layout fix it most of he times.
    Developer life was easier in the past, now we are all considered virus maker by default...

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