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QMediaPlayer - function setPlaybackRate(qreal r)

  • QMediaPlayer - function setPlaybackRate(qreal r) not working on linux and android .play with standart rate 1.0 no bug nothing.but change rate not work .any idea?.in doc nothing about that this function not suported on android/linux..but function work correctly just on win ..on linux also problem app just freeze.also no bugs nothing ..thanks so much for help

    music2 = new QMediaPlayer(this);
    qreal rate = 0.50;

  • Just a note:

    Somebody might know about this particular function, but unfortunately it seems to be very common that functions don't work on "secondary platforms" and the documentation says nothing about it. So, don't be surprised if this turns out to be state of things.

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    A quick look at the backend code shows that on Android this function indeed doesn't do anything while on Linux, using GStreamer the media needs to be "seekable".

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    Speaking of "seekable". I'd move the setPlaybackRate call after setting the media.

  • @SGaist
    Thank you very much Samuel for reply.
    I know how it works on linux qt use gstreamer => use pulse audio => use ALSA for communication with kernel.I also reed the doc about backends .there is nothing that this function will not work on android/linux .I also tried put function before after .move from constructor as single function .the same result just freeze..and on android play but with rate 1.0..I am just disapointed because I have not warnings errors nothing:( and not work:( also I am sorry that I put this more times but it was just mistake..And I cant delete it now topic is any idea what to do next?use other audio lib?have you experience with other audio lib and can give me some tips?
    last one thank you for reply .Pavel

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    I saw several people using SFML. So it might be an alternative depending on your needs.

  • Thank you for tip..I will check it..