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Signing windows executable/dll

  • Hello,
    I have some questions about signing executables/dll in qt for WIndow 7, 8, 10. Our software will be downloaded from our website and installed by end users.

    1. What are the reasons to sign executable/dll?

    2. How to sign qt executable/dll?

    3. Where to get cetificate/tools needed to sign? Is it possible to obtain that for free?

    4. Should I sign every single dll which comes with our software? Are dlls loaded by Windows application checked for signature and if it is not correct Windows refuses to load the dll?

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    1. To trust (be sure that your app is not modified by viruses and so on).
    2. Read MSDN.
    3. Buy it from verisign.
    4. Yes, need to sign all binaries.

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