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Runtime locale changes do not propagate to existing dialogs and widgets

  • I have a desktop application in which I support several languages. I have a comboBox with all supported languages and those change correctly as they call ui->retranslate().

    My problem is I also need to change the locale of all child widgets so the display and entry of numeric data uses the correct decimal separator.

    I set the now locale in QMainWindow but I have been unable to get that new locale to propagate down to all existing child widgets.

    Here is how I modify the locale in QMainWindow:

        QLocale locale = QLocale(selectedLanguage);

    However none of QMainWindow's child widgets have the new locale.

    The documentation states that locale changes propagate down to children.

    I must be missing something here, or I have done something that blocks the propagation.

    A search has not provided any good examples.

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