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How to link 3rd party library to project?

  • Hello!

    I am writing an ubuntu touch app (Ubuntu phone). In this app i use a 3rd party library. I cross compiled the library for using on arm architectures. Now i need to link the library (.so file) to my project. The problem here is, that the developing directory structure is different than the system on the phone.

    On the development pc, the directory stucture is like: project/lib/nameOfLib/lib/
    ON the phone the directory structure is like: /opt/click-package/project/lib/

    I tryed to use

    LIBS += -L$$PWD/project/lib/nameOfLib/lib -llib

    I get 2 error messages:

    • One time there is the message, that the lib file is not found on the phone
    • Another time i get the message, that a symbol is not found in the lib.

    My question is. If there are two different directory sturctures i need to handle with, what do i have to do to link the library to my project, so that it is found on the phone as well?

    [edit: Fixed coding style SGaist]

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