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Schedule/Plan of 5.6.2? (or how to find up-to-date "plan" release date)

  • hi,

    I was wondering how the scheduling/planning of new patch-releases work.
    Especially how to find out the scheduled release of a patch that is currently in active development.
    ... and who/how those dates are defined? (or where to keep an eye to be notified early?)

    I found this wiki for 5.6:
    ... but the "Original plan" column is empty for patch-release (5.6.1) and is missing entries for 5.6.1-1 or 5.6.2.

    In older Versions I see also planed dates for patches, e.g.:
    ... does this mean it is not yet defined for 5.6.2? or is it just not documented?

  • got some answers from Jani Heikkinen:

    1. current schedule:
      Honestly speaking I don't have concrete schedule for 5.6.2 atm. I am just back from my summer holiday & starting to collect information related to coming releases. I think Qt 5.6.2 will come ~Sep/Oct but let's see...

    2. where to be notified:
      I'll update the plan in when available. Please register in releasing ML ( to get the latest info as well

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