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Serialize QPixmap in console app

  • Hello,

    I am trying to serialize a QPixmap between a server and a client app. The server is a console app and the client a gui one. The server always crash when I serialize the pixmap while the client stay alive.. so I'm guessing it has something to do with being a console app.. do I need to enable something in the project file ? I have already added += gui to use QPixmap ...

  • Can you show us your code?

  • @VRonin I'm afraid it is way way way to big to post

  • Just the part where you serialise

  • @VRonin

    void Server::sendProfilePicture(QPixmap pProfilePicture, const QString & pPseudo)
        QByteArray paquet;
        QDataStream out(&paquet, QIODevice::WriteOnly);
        out << (quint64) 0;
        Message message(PROFILEPICTURE);
        out << message;
        out << (quint64) (paquet.size() - sizeof(quint64));
        if (socketFromPseudo(pPseudo) != NULL) {

    This will probably be Chinese without the rest of the code but this is where the crash happens...

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    you need to create a QGuiApplication (instead of a QCoreApplication) in your server application.

  • QPixmap need to create in gui thread. I have had same problem with chat server application. You need to use QImage.
    From qdoc:

    Qt provides four classes for handling image data: QImage, QPixmap, QBitmap and QPicture. QImage is designed and optimized for I/O, and for direct pixel access and manipulation, while QPixmap is designed and optimized for showing images on screen. QBitmap is only a convenience class that inherits QPixmap, ensuring a depth of 1. Finally, the QPicture class is a paint device that records and replays QPainter commands.

    So using QImage in server app is better than QPixmap.

  • @Hamed.Masafi Ok thank you. I have switched to QImage and it stopped crashing.

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