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When QGraphicsItem meets heritage

  • Hi Qt community ,

    I wouldn't call it an issue but ,

    I have a subclassed QGraphicsItem that's inherited by 3 classes .

    I want the 3 inheriting classes to have in common the same advance() method ( without copy pasting the code in the advance() method of each one of them ofcourse :b) .
    I tried writing my code in the advance() method of the mother class but it didn't work .

    Any ideas ?
    I'll be grateful ;)

  • Maybe you should talk about how the 3 classes inherit the parent or how you use the advance() method

    I think it will be more clear on the problem and others can help you

    Sorry for bad english

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    And it would help to know what did not work, else we can only guess.

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    In addition what other said already, you may be talking about GraphicsItem->A. A->B, A->C, A-D. Hope this is the inheritance you are talking about. This should go with Simple C++ method called advance() in your class A. you can provide the default implementation in A. Or you can make it virtual in A and implement it. If you want change the implementation change in B, C and D.

  • @dheerendra

    Yes , the heritage is like you said : A-> B , A-> C , A-> D .
    And i mentionned that writing the code i want to be executed by the three classes in the mother Class "A" doesn't work .
    But since , u confirmed that , does the problem exist because I didn't declare the mother advance() method virtual ?

    Best regards :)

  • Yep, it's fixed.


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