[Solved] Upgrade help I can't seem to uninstall sdk1.1.1

  • what happened to the old reliable command-line way to remove QT? the GUI hangs forever and I don't see anything getting removed!

    so I deleted sdk1.1.1 folder from the shell, proceeded to install sdk1.1.2 and everything seemed to go fine, until i tired to build one of me test app! now i get a compile error saying it can't find qmake bcuz it's looking in the old 1.1.1 folder not the 1.1.2 install location

    so what can i do?

  • so i reinstalled sdk1.1.1 alongside with sdk1.1.2, so i could uninstall sdk1.1.1 properly...but when i run the gui to uninstall qt, i have no idea which one is getting removed! i don't have a choice to launch qt1.1.1 or at1.1.2 from the menu either...confused!

  • ok i figured out how to remove correctly, i went into the folder of each sdk and ran the maintainance gui from the command like as sudo

    seems like since i installed the sdk as sudo, the maintenance gui from the menu is not getting run in sudo mode and therefore hangs

    i also had to select, 'remove old qtcreator settings' when installing sdk1.1.2, otherwise it was still pointing to the wrong (older) folder for qmake

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