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C++: how to call QML ListView selected item object?

  • My QML file has a listview which use VisualItemModel to display each item (each item is a qml page). In my C++, how to get the selected object? In another word, how to get the selected item in C++?

    My list model:

    @VisualItemModel {
    property int itemwidth: 0
    property int itemheight: 0
    page1 {
    id: p1
    width: itemwidth
    height: itemheight
    page2 {
    id: 2
    width: itemwidth
    height: itemheight
    page3 {
    id: p3
    width: itemwidth
    height: itemheight
    In the C++ code:

    @QObject rootObject = dynamic_cast<QObject>(viewer.rootObject());
    QObject lv = rootObject->findChild<QObject>("objectMyListView");@
    If I selected p1, then how to get p1 object? The page1 / page2 / page3 are 3 qml files in the same directory.

  • lv->property("currentItem");

    But normally you want QML to be calling things from C++, not the other way around. Perhaps you could expose the C++ functionality as a function, and call that function from QML with the currently selected item as an argument?

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