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Freezing issue

  • Dear All,
    I am using to build my code from source. Like I built QgroundControl from source and first built it using the Desktop kit and i worked very fine. I did not have any trouble. Everything ran smoothly. Secondly, I used the Android kit on Qt to package the QgroundControl and deploy it to my android device that is DIgiland 7 inch quadcore tablet. But after I deployed the QgroundControl to the tablet and started QgroundCOntrol, I noticed that the tablet screen is freezing. I won't be able to push any button. Its like everything on the tablet screen is frozen. Any suggestion ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    "But after I deployed the QgroundControl" - looks like part of the description is missing. So, what is the problem?

  • Please look above. I updated my question. Apologies for inconvenience

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