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New wiki article on how to build Qt on Debian Squeeze

  • Hi all,

    I just added a wiki page for those who want to compile Qt and friends from the sources on Debian Squeeze.
    What packages do you need for this?

    I tried the offline installer for linux 64bit, but didn't succeed. I read somewhere this installer is only meant for (k)ubuntu. What a pity.

    My dual boot laptop was using Windows 64bit and kubuntu 10.10, but I had a lot of graphics issues on kubuntu. Some graphics firmware caused me a lot of headaches.
    I removed the latter and installed my first (Linux) love back again : Debian which in my experience is stable as a rock. And still is!

    here is the link to the wiki page :

    I hope this can help others to compile Qt Creator on Debian from the (latest) sources and even better, give feedback to the Trolls testing it.

    Cheers Eddy

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