Experiences with Javascript-implemented HTML editor running in QWebEngine?

  • We're curious about whether people have had success running a Javascript-implemented HTML editor in QWebEngine (or QWebKit, which is, of course, gone as of Qt 5.6). Or opinions about whether or not that is a sound thing to do? We would need the HTML document to be provided by, and returned to our C++ Qt application code.

    Our group is just on the precipice of porting our large application from Qt 4.8 to Qt 5.5.1. We've been using QTextEdit for HTML-ish rich text support, but are finding that to be insufficiently expressive. We're wondering if we could use something like TinyMCE or Summernote in the way I suggested above. Any other suggestions for similar/better Javascript HTML editor packages?

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    Yes it's possible. Easier with QtWebKit, but also doable with QtWebEngine i think.
    I've done it myself already. Most of the stuff you can do in JavaScript (Tip: check out document.execCommand())

    But it's also possible - as you said - to simply load TinyMCE into a web view widget.

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